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11.12.2023 18:00 k-fetisch, Wildenbruchstr. 86, 12045 Berlin–Neukölln

zine night

every zine night we create a space for you to make, talk about and read zines!
this time we introduce a theme:
make it make sense!
zine making to look back at 2023!
use the format of zines to create a review of this year, whether its for yourself, your pet rat, the tree in front of your house or the state of the world.

we offer pens, scissors, cutters, staplers, paint, paper and lots and lots of collage material for you to create amazing zines!
but feel free to bring your own materials and tools <3

we have a growing zine library for you to read and get inspired by.

and of course you can purchase delicious cakes and drinks