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Such dir deine Farbe!

Gender wie du magst!

Doors 7:15pm show 8pm Eberswalder Straße 21, 10437 Berlin, Germany

The last Siblinx FLINTA* open stage of the year

We invite FLINTA* folks (women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people) to share their art on our stage.* At Siblinx we welcome all genres, languages and feels, and most of all we love a caring, respectful environment within which to share our experiences🌈🎨🎭🎶


Performance time 5 min max. DM @sib.linx to sign up, or if you get a burst of festive season inspiration, we save a few spots on the night.

While the stage is for our FLINTA* friends only, all respectful humans are encouraged to join the audience and show enthusiastic support for our performers!

Hosted by @foxgloveberlin and @lau.klinger