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03.10.2023 13:30-15:30 Karpfenteichstrasse 13, Berlin Treptow-Köpenick

Screaming Workshop for Queers, Flinta* & Allys

This workshop is for you if you never screamed before and also if you already bring some experience with screaming. It’s for people who are
just curious about their screaming voice, for people who want to use screaming in a musical context and for people who want to use screaming as a way to access and release emotions.
In the workshop you don't have to scream alone in front of others at any point, we use being together in community so you can experiment with your voice in a safe(r) setting.

We will:

  • do warm-up exercises
  • connect with our bodies and personal resources
  • get to know ways how our bodies can create support for our voice
  • try different techniques to fscreaming-voice
  • look at which body parts are involved in screaming and how they create“distortion”
  • experience the difference it makes, to scream in community while being connected each other
  • do cool-down exercises

I’m a trained band coach and scream in bands for more than 20 years. I’m happy and excited to share what worked the best for me, what other vocalists shared with me and what I’ve learned in vocal class.

I’m also happy to create a space to experiment with our voices, be loud together, release all kind of emotions, create community and have fun, too.

Accessibility: the ground of the Wagenplatz is unpaved and a bit uneven, the space itself and the toilet are wheelchair accessible. Accompanying persons don’t need to pay for the workshop. Write me a message if you need more information about accessibility.

Please get tested/test yourself at the day of the workshop. In case feel sick, please stay home, so you don’t risk making others sick too.

The workshop fee is on a sliding scale basis from 15-60 Euros (sliding scale means that you decide yourself how much you can pay, depending on your financial situation).

For more information and registration write a message to: