All Gender

:innen *innen _innen /innen

No Gender


Such dir deine Farbe!

Gender wie du magst!

18:00 k-fetisch, Wildenbruchstraße 86, Neukölln, 12045 Berlin, Germany

Queer to the heart – the night for flirts, fun & frivolous games

FLINTA* only

For the first FLINTA* evening of 2024 we finally host a flirt night for you to get together and meet other cute queers 🔥

Send love notes, play gay bingo or Queer Taboo, do quizzes together and take part in some of the fun games we set up for you!
(or be one of those mythical queers who can make the first move and talk to people directly.)
Come alone, bring your single friends or your polycule and have a good time!


FLINTA* night happens every 4th thursday of the month. It welcomes agender people, binary and nonbinary trans* people, inter people, nonbinary people, lesbians and cis women. Do not second guess the identity of the people surrounding you. we do not police gender expression and neither should you. we provide a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, books, magazines, zines and lots and lots of games. we especially love Queer Taboo, which you can also purchase for yourself at k-fetisch and by doing so support the important work of @lesmigras!
See you at the bar!