All Gender

:innen *innen _innen /innen

No Gender


Such dir deine Farbe!

Gender wie du magst!

14:00 - 20:00 Haus der Statistik, Otto-Braun-Straße 70, Unit 72, Mitte, 10178 Berlin,


This event aims to foster open discussions about LGBTQIA+ experiences, emotions, challenges, navigating queer life in Berlin and its culture, celebrating achievements, asking questions, exchanging artistic inspirations, and exploring works by queer authors.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the roundtable, so feel free to invite friends and fellow queer individuals. Let's create a vibrant and inclusive dialogue!

Featured Artists and Creators:

  • Agender Clothing: @menine.costure / @hellenakuasne
  • Upcycled clothes, linoleum prints, crocheting, and paintings: @lopi_mode
  • Sustainable fashion: @b.r.i.c.k.s
  • Leather collars, harnesses, bracelets/cuffs: @softly.studded
  • Wooden utensils, charcuterie / cutting boards, and bowls: @willowwoodwork
  • Zines, Comix Paper, and Textile Prints: @lin.a.tari
  • Paintings, collages, and sculptures: @alex23booth
  • Earrings, embroidery, and posters: @ohmi.clay
  • Posters, art prints, printed shirts, tote bags, postcards, stickers, zines, and self-made sketchbooks: @o.k.phuong
  • Postcards, prints, pins, calendar, books, bags, and t-shirts: @magio_marco
  • Clothing, illustrations, and prints: @slug__toes
  • Postcards and upcycled clothing: @der.shawn
  • Earrings: @motherofspiral
  • Stickers, cards, linoleum prints, tote bags, decorative objects (candle holders, mirrors, vases with writings): @cutensticky
  • Clothing, bags, and custom lighters: @punikustomize
  • Illustrated Postcards/prints: @softunderbelli & @artsiinaomii
  • Posters, shirts, zines, stickers, patches @cosmobauer

Looking forward to seeing you there!