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22.06.2024 14-18 Uhr Beats 42

Q*Tag – Queer-Jugendtreff in Tempelhof

Rollstuhl geeignet, Barrierefreies WC, Rauchfrei, Kein Strobolicht

Queer & Allys

ein Treffpunkt für queere Jugendliche, veranstaltet von Q-Kollektiv und Beats42


Q*Tag is the new format of the monthly Q-Kollektiv, queer youth meetings in Tempelhof. Now in collaboration with the youth centre Beats42, we meet once per month on Saturdays for an afternoon of hanging out, baking/cooking, and other activities, while getting to chat together. As the meetings take place in an open youth centre, these meetings aim to create a Safe Space for queer young people and allies and is hosted by queer youth workers: Genna, Ken, Jenny and Paula. If you have any questions you can reach us at or on Instagram: @qkollektiv.