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08.03.2024 12-14:00 Failing Femmes Hous, Karpfenteichstr. 13

QdB – Scream your heart out – Getting your body and voice ready to protest.

The space itself and the toilet are wheelchair accessible, the ground of the Wagenplatz is unpaved and a bit uneven.

This workshop on the 8th of march is about getting your body and voice ready to protest!
We will:
- warm up our bodies and voices
- try diffrent ways to be loud without hurting our vocal chords
- shout and create demo slogans together and if there’s still time we will sing this empowering spell by @thebengsons:

This event is for free. As there are limited spots please register via emial:

Please test yourself at the day of the workshop. In case feel sick, please stay home.

Also feel free to write me, if you have any questions.

Lots of love, Andrzej