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01.02.2024 18:30 Hönower Str. 30, 10318 Berlin

📺🌻Alerta! Alerta! Stop russian propaganda!🌻📺

Rauchfrei, Kein Strobolicht, Awarenessteam

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Filmscreening at UJZ Karlshorst

every age welcome

Trigger Warnings: The movie contains graphic pictures of war crimes, bombings and is distressing to watch. 🗣Movie Language: English / Ukrainian and Russian with English Subtitles Trough the full scale war in ukraine is going on since nearly two years there is still a lot of confusion, des- and misinformation regarding this topic. Russian propaganda is not only used by fascists in europe but also infiltrates leftist and anarchist circles. On the channel from 01.02.-24.02.24 we will share an article, podcast or video from anti-authoritarian perspectives every day to counteract russian narrative. As a kick-off on the 01.02. (Thursday) we want to organise a film screening (documentary about the first 20 days of full scale war). After the movie there will bes space to talk about your thoughts & emotions🔥🌻